Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy of Pennsylvania
Earth Band

Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy
Earth Band Council

Every organization must have some form of governing body, and Native American tribes are no exception. The form of government used in the Earth Band is the traditional tribal council. This form of government dates far beyond the beginning of Northern American Tribal recorded history. Through periods of our history, the positions held by members of the council may have differed, but the purpose has always remained focused. The council's responsibility is to make decisions pertaining to the well-being, betterment and protection of the tribal community.

Today, the council is responsible for those same things as well as taking on modern challenges of managing the tribal treasury, dealing with government agencies and other new issues that have evolved with the development of modern society. The members of the Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy Earth Band Tribal Council spend many long hours taking care of the business needs of our tribe. With this page, we hope to show them a small amount of the great honor they so deserve.

Buffy Red Feather Brown

 Levy Flying Eagle Newell III
Vice Chief
Cherokee / Powhatan


Jacqueline April Rain Clark



George Eagle Sullivan